Our Goals

England2018:Goals of the commitee of the swiss-english friendship initiative

The commitee(in formation) aims to organise various events in England in 2018 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the End of WW1 and to perpetuate and strengthen the swiss-english friendship.

It is a fact (and obviousely historically right) that most of the commemorations of the Great War are usually held on the famous battlefields located in the North of France or Belgium.

During the next five years to come,the military history section of the commitee of the initiative intends to work and investigate about England at War during 1914-1918 and specifically the War on the South coast of England (County Kent).

Many bombs were dropped by the Germans during that time in Dover,Folkestone,Ramsgate,Margate etc,and the commitee is keen to learn more about that difficult yet not so well known side of the Great War.

The commitee opened a visitors'book and welcomes any suggestions or advice which can be given to its military history section in the aim to fulfill that goal.

The commitee is aware being at the very first stage of the process (England2018 events to be held in 9 years) and will allow it plenty of time to be fully organised and to get many as possible suggestions worldwide before being in the position to plan the events.

The main goal of the commitee is the commemoration of the Great War but also there will be a recreative part to perpetuate the swiss-english friendship.Here again any suggestions will be welcome in every fields like culture,sports,arts,entertainment etc.

Finally we would like to warmly thank our first sponsors and are ready to welcome any company interested to support us.